Open Letters to World Leaders


Open Letters to President Wladimir Putin,
President Barack Obama and President-Elect Donald Trump

10. Januar 2017

Herrn Präsidenten Wladimir Putin

Sehr geehrter Herr Präsident Putin,

Ihnen wünsche ich ein glückliches, friedliches und gesundes neue Jahr und ich danke Ihnen von ganzem Herzen dafür, dass Sie vor kurzem so viele Menschen in Not aus Aleppo befreit bzw. evakuiert haben. Im Hinblick auf die Sicherung des Weltfriedens habe ich einen Appell betreffend das Zustandebringen eines für alle Staaten der Erde einheitlichen Gesamtstaatenfriedensvertrags und die Bildung einer wahren Multinationalen Friedenskampftruppe zur Wiederherstellung und zur Erhaltung des Friedens in der Welt in der Anlage beigelegt und ich hoffe nun, dass Sie den Appell ernsthaft überlegen.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen,
Rebecca Walkiw, Deutschland

Anlage: Informationsschrift: ‹Multinationale Friedenskampftruppe›: []


January 12, 2017

To President Barack Obama and to President-Elect Donald Trump

Dear President Obama,

Dear President-Elect Trump,

With this letter I am sending to both of you as well as to other government leaders and persons in various positions of responsibility around the world a letter of appeal (see attachment) on several issues of great concern to all humankind, especially with regard to the prevention of war and the establishment of true lasting peace in the world which can only be accomplished by working unitedly with all nations of Earth on the elaboration and implementation of an all-state (i.e. all-nation) peace-accord and by building up a true, globally active Multinational Peace-Fighting-Troop in accordance with creational-natural laws and recommendations, whose function and primary task as an absolutely neutral (impartial, objective, unbiased) all-state task force, is to protect and defend human life and to secure and maintain peace in the world through the logical use of force.

I apologise that the letter of appeal in the attachment is only in the German language but I wanted to send it out before President Obama leaves the White House and that is not enough time for me to accurately translate it into English.

As a citizen of the United States, who has been living in Germany for 35 years, and most especially as a ‹citizen of Earth›, which we all dearly cherish as our planetary home, please allow me to express my opinion on a pressing issue of major concern with regard to our climate. Although the climate change is an undeniable reality of life on our planet and the reduction of CO2 (carbon dioxide) values in the atmosphere is absolutely essential in order to prevent the ongoing destruction of our climate, the root cause of this problem is actually the uncontrolled, rampant growth of the global population and with it the ever-increasing use of fossil-fuel energy, the combination of which has effectuated a vicious cycle that is destroying our atmosphere and the very air we breathe. Currently, the Earth sustains a population of 8.5 billion human beings, which is 16 times its natural capacity, and its streams, rivers, lakes, mountains and forests are crying out in anguish under the unrelenting stress of this overwhelming burden. The only way to effectively reduce our population and to heal (regenerate) our planet in a reasonable, correct and humane way is through the implementation of a worldwide birth-control regulation which should be legally binding and equally valid for all human beings of Earth.

In regard to the current situtation with Russia, I fully agree with President-Elect Trump. President Putin, like each and every one of us, is a human being and undoubtedly makes mistakes, but he is certainly no monster, as the CIA is so desperately trying to portray him. I think he is doing the best he can under the given circumstances for the well being of his country and his people and I think he did an excellent job in the recent evacuation of tens of thousands of Syrian civilians out of Aleppo. It seems to me that the US Central Intelligence Agency is trying to provoke a war with Russia, most likely in order to justify the eastward expansion of the European Union and NATO, although in my opinion the CIA has no right to be meddling in the affairs of Eastern Europe. I therefore think the United States has a problem with its Central Intelligence Agency. I ask both of you in all sincerity, what country on Earth is primarily responsible for the destabilisation of the Middle East? And what country and its intelligence agency told the world that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and led an illegal invasion into Iraq, which ultimately gave rise to ISIS and the current turmoil and humanitarian crisis in Syria, Iraq and Libya? And finally, what country continues to pressure the European Union to not only open its borders to the many thousands of refugees fleeing the war and terror in Syria and Iraq, which for Europeans is a self-evident act of human compassion, but to also grant asylum to the many millions of ‹economic refugees› from Africa and many of the poorer nations from around the world, which is slowly destroying Europe from within, not to mention the many thousands of ISIS-terrorists who have already intermingled with the refugees entering Europe, especially from Libya via the Mediterranean Sea, and now pose a very serious threat to the security of all European countries? If the US Central Intelligence Agency continues this trend of provoking and destabilising governments in various regions of the world, for whatever reason, then I think the American people should put an end to it, before the world becomes embroiled in another war. If such an intelligence agency is indeed necessary in the modern world, then I suggest it be completely reformed from within via a truly effective and fully transparent system of checks and balances and that it be placed under the direct control of the American people, as is only proper for a true democracy of the people, by the people and for the people. The people of America must be fully informed of the function, purpose and responsibilities of the CIA and they must know if it is properly fulfilling its duties. In this regard, I think that Edward Snowden and Julian Assange have well served their fellow human beings and humankind in general by simply unmasking the lies, machinations, fraudulent manipulations and criminal activities of mighty rulers and mightful organisations throughout the world which indeed pose a serious threat to all democracies, if they are not appropriately addressed and set straight (corrected, rectified).

With regard to health care, I sincerely ask President-Elect Donald Trump to please rethink and to not destroy the basic concept of Obamacare. It is a creation born of true love, compassion and very hard work for the wellbeing of all Americans of all descents and from all walks of life. Like any new policy, I am certain that it too must undergo reform, because everything called into life and existence must developmentally change (evolve) in order to meet the needs it is required to fulfil, so go ahead and make any necessary reforms, but please retain the noble human ideal of universal health care, because as President-Elect of the United States you will soon be representing all Americans, and whether you recognise it now or not, health care is indeed a universal human right.

To President Barack Obama, I am very thankful to you and your wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, for all the many good things, great and small, you have both accomplished for our nation and for humanity in a truly exemplary and very honorable manner in the course of fulfilling your duties as President and First Lady of the United States, especially in view of the tremendous hindrances you were often faced with. I know in my heart that you are both very fine people and that you shall continue to serve America and all humanity to the best of your ability for the rest of your given days, which I am certain will one day bear great fruits for the benefit of all humankind.

To President-Elect Donald Trump, I hope that you, as a very successful businessman, together with your wife and soon-to-be First Lady Melania Trump, shall succeed in your dream of creating good jobs and progressive opportunites for the advancement and well being of all Americans and I also hope that you shall succeed in your endeavours to effectively protect the American borders and to prevent illegal immigrants and ISIS-terrorists from entering the United States, without however discriminating against true refugees, legal immigrants and decent human beings from all countries and cultures of the world.

I hope that both of you shall seriously consider the proposals in my attached letter of appeal and shall work together to unite the American people through the noble values and dreams that we all carry in the heart of our hearts and that you shall reconcile and work together with all good leaders and wise ones throughout the world, such as Wladimir Putin and Mikhail Gorbachev in Russia; Sahra Wagenknecht, Oskar Lafontaine, Heiner Geissler, Peter Gaulweiler and Professor Schachtschneider here in Germany, and of course with all other peaceable, liberal-thinking and harmony-oriented leaders and persons in positions of responsibility around the world in order to establish good and healthy human relations and lasting peace on Earth for all humankind.

With best regards,
Rebecca Walkiw, Germany

Attachment: Information document: ‹Multinationale Friedenskampftruppe›.


January 17, 2017

To President Barack Obama and President-Elect Donald Trump

To First-Lady Michelle Obama and soon-to-be First-Lady Melania Trump

Please stand together and unite the country against the current machinations of the CIA and the NATO to provoke a war with Russia through the deployment of US-troops in Eastern Europe. This action is a clear violation of international law, because the peoples of Europe ‹definitely› do not want war and we were not even asked, if we agree to the deployment of US-troops along the Russian border, which in my opinion is an act of aggression against the Russian state and is detrimental to the many good relations the European states have established with Russia over the years, which are being senselessy destroyed by such provocative actions and through the unfair (irresponsible/inequitable) sanctions currently imposed on Russia.

Sincerely yours,
Rebecca Walkiw, Germany

Attachment: Appeal to the United Nations: [Appeal to the United Nations]